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Our Story

Necklaces with Meaning

Each necklace comes with a story and meaning behind it. From ancient symbols to cultural icons, every pendant carries a unique piece of history we discovered during our own travel adventures.

Whether you’re chilling with the homies, mastering your craft, or ticking off bucket list experiences, it's the perfect accessory if you're an adventurer, trendsetter, or dreamer.

100% Sweat and Waterproof

Each piece is crafted with 18K Gold, a superior karat value of jewelry compared to 10K or 14k gold, which is what most brands use to sacrifice quality and increase profits.

With Louis Elite, you can wear your premium jewelry in the shower, playing sports, or just when you’re out on the town –- you’re always backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Forever Lifetime Guarantee

Our unique 3-step quality control process allows us to offer higher quality necklaces at a superior price point compared to any other brand we’ve seen. 

This is how we can offer a lifetime guarantee on ALL necklaces and chains.

Read more about our materials and 3-step quality control process here.

Get Ready for the Compliments

Wear a conversation starter around your neck and never worry about what to say. Homies will ask you where you got it and girls will grab it as an excuse to make the first move.

Just embrace the love and remember the symbol of always keeping it real and pursuing your goals and dreams relentlessly.

Community Over Everything 

We don't follow trends. We set the trends after listening to the homies (that’s you!) and ONLY release symbolic jewelry our community truly fw. 

Join the Elite Fam, vote on new and upcoming designs and talk to us directly 👇